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Extend your beauty

100% VIRGIN REMI hair 

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Extend your beauty

100% VIRGIN REMI hair 

About Us 

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The Kajmirhair Bold & Beautiful Blog

Here we share our best and current tips/tricks to keep your hair BIG, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL! Check back often to read about our tips and current trends!

Big, Bold, Beautiful Hair is in for 2019- Here are our Tips and Tricks

Big, Bold, Beautiful Hair is in for 2019- Here are our Tips and Tricks

Maintaining a healthy and positive hair care routine should not be a difficult priority in your life. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up with hair care products that are convenient to find, cheap in price, and smell of perfume. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean that it is healthy to use on your hair. A woman’s hair can be her pride and glory, so it is essential that you do everything in your power to promote a healthy scalp and hair care routine. This will assure you  that your hair follicles remain strong and healthy. After all, big, bold, beautiful hair is in for the year 2019. Below you will find some helpful tips that you can incorporate into your daily hair routine. These will help maintain the shine and thickness you are deeply proud to show off.

Eat Protein Based Foods

protein based foods for hair growth

Foods that you ingest into your body can really make a difference in how healthy your hair is. It is important to make sure you are following a healthy diet so that your hair thrives and your body is healthy.

Eat foods that are rich in protein such as spinach, fish, nuts, eggs and avocados. Your hair is basically made up of protein, so it only makes sense to feed it these nutrients on a daily basis. By adding these foods to your everyday diet, you will be providing the necessary proteins and nutrients to help your hair thrive!

Avoid Heat

woman using curling iron on hair

Avoiding heat on women’s hair is very tricky to do on the daily. Women like to style their hair which usually consists of using a hair dryer, curling iron, or straightener to do so. Although it is not ideal to completely eliminate the use of these products, there are always ways to cut down their use.

Try showering in the evening or waking up a little earlier to allow your hair time to air dry. This is an opportunity to avoid the harmful heat that the hair dryer puts off when in use. You can also try using protectant products when using a straightener or curling iron on your hair to reduce the heat damage. By using these protectants, you are able to protect the natural moisture in your hair from being stripped away.

Use Essential Oils

essential oils for hair growth

Improving scalp health is one of the major benefits when using essential oils. These oils have been around for many years serving as both cosmetic and medicinal cures. Peppermint, lavender, and coconut all provide outstanding results to hair health depending on what you are trying to treat. They contain natural vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy scalp and hair.

FDA Cleared Laser Caps

woman wearing baseball cap

These laser caps (make sure you only buy high quality, FDA-cleared versions) use low level light therapy to generate new hair growth in the scalp using low level light therapy. Dont believe these things actually work? Checkout these in depth laser hair growth treatment reviews. This is a natural way to regrow hair follicles in order to promote thick and healthy hair. The cap fits on the head just like a baseball hat and uses medical grade lasers to bring those dormant hair follicles to life. They can be used at home at a convenient time in your day to complete the 30-minute treatment.

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Get Rid of Elastic Hair Ties

girl using elastic hair tie

 I’m sure you know of the black elastic hair ties that are used to throw hair up after a long day. They are so convenient to have on your wrist so have handy when you need to get your hair off of your neck. But you need to avoid these hair ties whenever you can due to the breakage they cause in the hair. Every time that you use these, you are causing direct damage to the hair shaft.

Good thing that in 2019 hair scrunchies are back in style! They are easy to access and much better for your hair because of how loosely they hold it when you put it up. There are also other options on the market right now that you can use to replace the elastic hair ties. You may find it fun to find some scrunchies to match your outfits a few days a week!

Shampoo and Conditioner

girl shampooing hair

There are so many diverse options of shampoo and conditioner to choose from when trying to decide which one is going to be the best for your hair. Make sure you are cautious of the ingredients that these are made up of. This way you know that what you are putting on your head is safe. Avoid shampoo and conditioners that contain harsh chemicals and fragrances. Also be aware as to whether or not they contain sulfates, sodium chloride, and parabens. If they contain these ingredients, head another direction on the shelves. It may also be beneficial to shampoo your hair only a couple times a week depending on your hair type.

Maintain Your Bouncy Curls with These Tips and Tricks

Maintain Your Bouncy Curls with These Tips and Tricks

Many women are envious of those that have the luxury of having curly hair. Most everyone with curly hair has heard the words “I wish I had curly hair”. But what many women don’t know that curly headed women do is that it can be a real pain to keep up! In this article you will find hair care tips specifically for the curly haired women out there struggling to maintain that mane. It can be harder than it sounds, and curls can be unpredictable on a daily basis, but you will be able to tackle these tips in no time! Here is your guide to maintain your bouncy curls with easy tips and tricks.

Comb hair from the bottom

  • Use a wide tooth comb to work tangles out from the bottom up. Curly hair is more likely to break, so it is important to lightly work out the knots.

combing curly hair from the ends to start

Style when wet

  • This allows you to shape your curls as desired while holding that curl for a longer period of time after drying.

Do not blow dry

  • This prevents frizzy hair. Try using a diffuser if you wish to dry your hair in another way besides air drying.

Deep condition

  • This will keep your curly locks healthy and bouncy

Sleep in the pineapple bun

  • The pineapple bun is a loosely gathered bun on the top of the head to help keep the shape and volume of your curls for styling the next morning.

woman with curly hair and red lipstick

Get regular trims

  • Although this is true with any hair type, it is especially crucial to get your curly hair trimmed. Split ends tend to make your hair frizzy (what a nightmare). Trims will also allow your curls to be bouncy and look fresh.

Use a curling iron

  • You can always refresh your curls throughout the day with a curling iron. You shouldn’t have very many strands of hair to go over, but you can give some give some life to the dull pieces easily.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase

  • Satin pillowcases cut down on friction and breakage while tossing and turning in bed at night. Cotton pillowcases have been known to absorb the product in your hair as well as natural moistures and oils.

Stop Touching

  • The more you touch and handle your hair, the frizzier it becomes. Avoid constantly playing with your hair to alleviate frizz

Don’t over shampoo

  • Shampooing your curls too often will cause the hair to dry out. This will result in dry, frizzy hair. Focus on shampooing your hair 2-3 times per week.

african american female with curly hair

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