Many women are envious of those that have the luxury of having curly hair. Most everyone with curly hair has heard the words “I wish I had curly hair”. But what many women don’t know that curly headed women do is that it can be a real pain to keep up! In this article you will find hair care tips specifically for the curly haired women out there struggling to maintain that mane. It can be harder than it sounds, and curls can be unpredictable on a daily basis, but you will be able to tackle these tips in no time! Here is your guide to maintain your bouncy curls with easy tips and tricks.

Comb hair from the bottom

  • Use a wide tooth comb to work tangles out from the bottom up. Curly hair is more likely to break, so it is important to lightly work out the knots.

combing curly hair from the ends to start

Style when wet

  • This allows you to shape your curls as desired while holding that curl for a longer period of time after drying.

Do not blow dry

  • This prevents frizzy hair. Try using a diffuser if you wish to dry your hair in another way besides air drying.

Deep condition

  • This will keep your curly locks healthy and bouncy

Sleep in the pineapple bun

  • The pineapple bun is a loosely gathered bun on the top of the head to help keep the shape and volume of your curls for styling the next morning.

woman with curly hair and red lipstick

Get regular trims

  • Although this is true with any hair type, it is especially crucial to get your curly hair trimmed. Split ends tend to make your hair frizzy (what a nightmare). Trims will also allow your curls to be bouncy and look fresh.

Use a curling iron

  • You can always refresh your curls throughout the day with a curling iron. You shouldn’t have very many strands of hair to go over, but you can give some give some life to the dull pieces easily.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase

  • Satin pillowcases cut down on friction and breakage while tossing and turning in bed at night. Cotton pillowcases have been known to absorb the product in your hair as well as natural moistures and oils.

Stop Touching

  • The more you touch and handle your hair, the frizzier it becomes. Avoid constantly playing with your hair to alleviate frizz

Don’t over shampoo

  • Shampooing your curls too often will cause the hair to dry out. This will result in dry, frizzy hair. Focus on shampooing your hair 2-3 times per week.

african american female with curly hair